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When a person speaks, he/she disperses small particles in the air. 

COVID-19 can be transmitted by both large and small droplets 

(aerosol transmission). Epidemiological data show that the main 

mode of transmission is through these droplets that reach the 

mucous membranes (nose, mouth, eyes). 

The use of a face shield by the general population is necessary to 

effectively red uce the transmission of the virus. 

CAUTION: The use of the shield alone does not provide 100% 

protection against viruses such as COVID-19. 

The face shield consists of: 

1) A transparent plastic visor made of PET material, that covers the 


2) A plastic head crown consisting ofthree separate pieces made of 

PP material (Polypropylene). 

Advantages of the face shield: 

Since it has a satisfactory distance from the face, it allows for 

adequate ventilation. Therefore, the visor does not fog up 

when breathing. The parallel use of a disposable face mask 

with goggles is possible (and advisable for extra protection). 

The shield has a ratchet-wheel mechanism for vertical 

inclination of the visor. The frame comes in many different 


The face shield is reusable, and it can be easily cleaned with 

soap and water or common household liquid disinfectants and 

antiseptic wipes. 

The face shield is comfortable to wear and prevents micro- 

droplets from reaching the mucous membranes. It also 

reduces the risk of self-infection by preventing the user from 

touching the face with his/her hands. 

The user can easily breathe wearing the face shield. The shield 

can be used in combination with another PPE. 

The use of facial shields is a means of maintaining social 

distancing, without reducing proximity nor the visual field. 

The use of face shields significantly reduces infection from 

many other airborne viruses such as Influenza 

The face shield offers additional protection not only to medical 

staff but to employees in all work fields. 

Besides Hospitals, its use is also indicated in Dental Clinics, in the 

Chemical and Food Industry, in public agencies and in schools 

(Professorsneachers and Students). The face shield can protect 

and benefit anyone. 

NOTE: It is of paramount importance to clean the face shield 

regularly either with soap and water or with disinfectants. 

Assembly Instructions 

Place the transparent screen of the mask on the rim by first 

attaching the two outer notches and then push slightly upwards 

to fasten the inner ones. 

Follow the reverse procedure, when you want to remove the 

screen from the mask. 

In order to avoid an incorrect assembly of the mask, please check 

the tilt ofthe screen.