Company - History
The activity of our company begins in 1950 from the founder of the company Pantelis Platis, manufacturing the first molds in the Greek space for plastics. Since 1979, it takes its current legal form "TECHNIPLAST" K. FILIS-A.PLATIS-D.GIOBRES O.E. In this time of year the many years of experience we have gained in the manufacture of molds, has equipped us with the technology and know-how required, in order to produce specialized plastic products, with specifications from materials, depending on case.In 2005, the transfer of our company was completed, from the privately owned facilities of Peristeri, to our new privately owned facilities, in the Vi.PE of Avlonas, Attica, in an area of 6500sq.m and cover 2400sq.m.In 2006 we incorporated the subsidiary company "TRIAPLAST" which was the focus of the production of plastic bottles and the manufacture of plastic items for promotions.In 2009, with the purchase of the items produced by "MONOPLAST S.A.", we expanded our product range by producing the styrofoam thermos plastic.

Manufacturing Moulds
Apart from our manufacturing unit, we are also fully equipped with new generation CNC machines and CAD-CAM systems for designing and manufacturing moulds. With our long time experience and highly qualified staff, not only we are capable of designing and processing the mould accurately and efficiently, but also supporting the entire production process of plastic products.




Adress: Industrial Zone of Avlonas, Attiki-Greece

Position: Mouriki-Patima
Postal Code: 19011, Postal Address: 31

ΤEL : +3022950-42788

FAX: +3022950-42988



TECHNIPLAST  εξειδικευμένα πλαστικά προϊόντα